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About golden retrievers

Our two pet goldens, Sasha and Sofie (daughter) pictured above.

Outgoing and social

The Golden Retriever makes a loyal family pet. They have a sweet disposition that makes them patient and gentle with children. It is important to remember that they are excitable as pups, and can accidentally knock children over while playing. Goldens are people lovers - they are not watch dogs. In fact, they may welcome a stranger with a wag of their tail.

Exercise is important. They need a place to run. These fun loving dogs enjoy a good game of playing fetch or retrieving a stick. Their love for water makes for not only interesting play, but also plays a part in their strong hunting skills.

Golden Retrievers are an easy breed to train. Their high level of intelligence enables them to excel in obedience training. They are often used as seeing-eye dogs for the blind or disabled. Their friendly and affectionate personalities also make them ideal visitors for retirement homes and allow them to be effective therapy dogs.

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Owning a dog is a responsibility

  • Golden retrievers need a space to run, play, and have adequate exercise.

  • Nutritious food is necessary to maintain a healthy dog. Golden retrievers will over eat. Get dog food recommended for golden retrievers and give the amount specified on the label or recommended by your licensed veterinarian. Be careful with the treats.

  • Goldens love people and need plenty of interaction.

  • Do the remaining puppy vaccinations and worming. Stay up to date at all times with vaccinations. See your licensed veterinarian for a schedule.

  • Retrievers are one of the most intelligent breeds. However, they will develop bad habits if they are not trained properly. Take the time to train them early.

  • Learn about your dog. There are many helpful websites such as AKC.ORG, etc.